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Bigger Than The Sky
CD 2014

Product Description

Back in the late eighties, while out for a ride in the car, I asked my then six-year old daughter Greta "Do you love me?". "Yes" she replied. "How much?" I asked. She thought for a beat and then said "Bigger than the sky".
I thought that was such a wonderful thing to say and I went off and wrote the tune.

My newly recorded version (2014) of "Bigger Than The Sky" is the title track of this album.

The Bonus Tracks:

Now grown-up and a wonderful singer with a big powerful voice, Greta had only previously sung backing vocals for me on my 2008 album 'Smile'. I thought it was now time for Greta to sing a lead. I gave her three songs to learn with the idea that we would choose the best one to feature on this recording. She delivered such an amazing vocal performance I decided to put on all three, adding an incredible soulful conclusion to this album.

1.  Bigger Than The Sky  (Johnny Hooper)
2.  Morning Salsa 
3.  How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You
4.  For Once In My life 
5.  Put It Where You Want It 
6.  Street People 
(Johnny Hooper)
7.  Besame Mucho 
8.  Mama Told Me So 
9.  Twilight Time 
10.  You Don’t Know Me 
11.  Way Back Home 

12.  Bruce House Boys  (Johnny Hooper)

  Bonus Tracks:       featuring GRETA HOOPER:

13.  Rescue Me 
14.  You Send Me 
15.  Stormy Monday 

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